Indian Bride
by Karin Fossum
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Book Review
(by- Andrea )
A beautifully crafted Inspector Sejer mystery set in a quaint Norwegian village brimming with suspense and intrigue. This is not your typical whodunit. Instead of the usual process of gathering clues and eliminating suspects, the heart of the story revolves around Gunder, a lonely middle-aged bachelor in search of companionship who faces unique challenges. As the narrative unfolds, the author's writing style immerses you in Gunder's inner turmoil and the intricate dynamics of village life. Prepare yourself for an exceptional murder mystery investigation led by Inspector Sejer.

Brace for the unexpected twists and turns as he strives to unravel this heinous crime that sends shockwaves through the community. The story maintains a fast-paced tempo, keeping you on the edge of your seat, with surprises at every corner. We eagerly anticipate more captivating tales from this gifted author.

Book Summary
When perpetual bachelor Gunder Jomann goes to India for two weeks and comes home married, the Norwegian town of Elvestad is stunned. On the day the Indian bride is supposed to arrive, the battered body of a woman is found in a meadow on the outskirts of town. None of the good people of Elvestad can believe that anyone among them would be capable of such a brutal murder.

But in his quiet, formal way, Inspector Konrad Sejer understands that good people can commit atrocious deeds, and that no one is altogether innocent including the cafe owner who knows too much, the girl who wants to be a chief witness, and the bodybuilder with no outlet for his terrible strength. Another psychological mystery from one of Europe's most successful crime writers.

Discussion Questions

1. Would the story have unfolded differently if the setting was a big city rather than the small Norwegian village?

2.How did the setting affect the plot? Site examples.

3.What was your first impression of Gunder and did his character develop over the course of the story?

4. Was Gunder's attachment to Puna realistic after such a short period of being together?

5. Did any of Puna actions contribute to her demise or was she a victim.? -marrying a man she hardly knows

6. What role did the sister and her husband play in Gunder's life? - attachment, the abandonment of sister by husband?

7. How did Inspector Sejer actions steer the course of the investigation?

8. How do you feel about Gunder choosing visit his sister in the hospital instead of meeting Puna at the airport?

Discussion Questions By The Publisher

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