Young Jane Young
by Gabrielle Zevin
Discussion Questions:
1. Young Jane Young, of course, is inspired by the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal. How much do you remember about that ordeal — if you lived through it as an adult. If you were too young, what have you gleaned about it over the years, what has been passed down to you? You might start off your discussion by watching the Monica Lewinsky TED talk.

2. Follow-up to Question 1: What are the parallels between this novel and the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal?

3. How much does the power factor play into the Aviva/Levin: an older, more experienced male and a younger woman who is his subordinate? Should that be a consideration in blaming or absolving Aviva?

4. How would you describe the scandal that follows Aviva's affair with Levin? Why is the fallout always much greater for the woman than for the man, even though, in this case (as in so many), he's the married party? What does the unequal treatment suggest about society's mores?

5. Of the four women's sections, which do you engage with the most? Talk about how each section twists and turns the event, viewing it from a different angle. Consider Aviva's mother and, especially the Congressman's wife. How does each woman see the affaur?

6. What do you make of Ruby? Do you find her reaction to her mother's past understandable …or unbelievable?

7. What do you make of the "choose you own adventure" section?

8. Can a woman choose not to be shamed by all the "slut-shaming"

9. Does the digital age make public outrage more vitriolic today than it did back, say, 20-30 years ago? Consider that the Clinton-Lewinsky imbroglio created a media frenzy absent Twitter, smart phones, and Facebook.

(Discussion Questions by LitLovers )

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