Ward D b

by Freida McFadden
 A locked-room thriller with short chapters, suspense, unique characters, and a nicely paced plot. It's a twisty, well-written story of revenge, secrets, and facing demons of the past. Ward D by Freida McFadden #Bestthriller, #bookclub, #womensfiction, #reading, #BooksToRead, #bookclub, #reading, #books, #wardd, #freidamcfadden

Book Review

(by- Linda )

This is my third book by this author. And again, just when I thought I had things figured out, in typical Freida Mcfadden fashion, there is twist after twist and so many unreliable characters you never know who you can trust.

The story is set in Ward D, a Psych ward. Amy is a medical student working overnight in this ward as part of her psychiatric rotation. For reasons she prefers to keep secret, she dreads this rotation. When everything starts to go horribly wrong - she realizes her worst fears are coming true, she is locked in a psych ward, people are disappearing, and there is no way out until morning.

Throughout the story, Freida McFadden jumps back and forth between the present and eight years ago and the events leading to Amy's dread of Ward D.

I loved how the story immediately piques your curiosity and keeps you reading to find out what will happen next. I also liked how the author touches on the sensitive topic of mental illness and takes away some of the stigma surrounding this condition.

Book Summary

Medical student Amy Brenner is spending the night on a locked psychiatric ward.

Amy has been dreading her evening working on Ward D, the hospital's inpatient mental health unit. There are very specific reasons why she never wanted to do this required overnight rotation. Reasons nobody can ever find out.

And as the hours tick by, Amy grows increasingly convinced something terrible is happening within these tightly secured walls. When patients and staff start to vanish without a trace, it becomes clear that everyone on the unit is in grave danger.

Amy's worst nightmare was spending the night on Ward D.

And now she might never escape.

Discussion Questions

1. How does the author establish a sense of foreboding and suspense in the story? Discuss specific instances or techniques used.

2. Amy Brenner has specific reasons for not wanting to work on Ward D. How do these reasons contribute to the tension in the plot?

3. Explore the theme of trust in the book. How does Amy's perception of the patients and staff on Ward D change throughout the story?

4. The disappearances of both patients and staff contribute to the growing danger in the story. What are the potential explanations for these disappearances throughout the book, and how do they affect the suspense in the narrative?

5. Discuss the portrayal of mental health and psychiatric wards in the book. How does the author handle this sensitive topic, and what impact does it have on the overall story?

6. How does the book explore the theme of claustrophobia and confinement? How does this add to the overall tension in the story?

7. Consider the character development of Amy Brenner throughout the book. How does her initial reluctance and fear transform as she faces the dangers on Ward D?

8. Discuss the role of secondary characters in the story. How do they contribute to the plot and Amy's experiences on the psychiatric ward?

9. The setting of a locked psychiatric ward provides a unique backdrop for the story. How does the author use the setting to create a sense of isolation and fear?

Discussion Questions By The Publisher

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