This Tender Land
by William Kent Krueger
PBR Review: (by- Andrea )

William Kent Krueger is such a talented writer I couldn't wait to get started on his newest book, THIS TENDER LAND. He is a fabulous storyteller, and the story lends itself perfectly to his style of writing. I genuinely enjoy reading his work. His other book ORDINARY GRACE is one of my favorite audiobooks, and I always recommend it to anyone new to audio. It's just a great listen.

This book is an exciting tale about four youths canoeing down the Mississippi River during the great depression. They're fleeing an abusive situation, and as you can imagine, things were quite different during that era, and Kruger brings it all to life. This story will inspire you. It's filled with hope, faith, and redemption, including tent revivals, hobos, and shantytowns.

The Great Depression was a desperate time for many, especially the poor and people considered outcasts. Kruger shows you what it takes to survive these difficult times through a fantastic cast of characters and a beautiful setting. There are many topics to talk about in the book; your Book Club will love it!

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