Pretty Things

by Janelle Brown
An easy and fun read with twists and surprises. It's about two women, one a con artist with a con artist boyfriend and the other a wealthy heiress and major Instagram influencer. The story also provides insight into social media pros and cons and the disparity between the wealthy and the working class as well as the blurred lines between appearance and reality. Pretty Things by Janelle Brown #thriller, #reading, #BooksToRead, #bookclub, #reading, #books

Discussion Questions

1.Which Pretty Things character do you most identify with and why?

2. What motivates Nina to act the way she does? Do you think her actions are justified? How do you think her life would be different if she grew up more like Vanessa? What does her story say about class and privilege?

3. Did the book make you think differently about social media? Discuss the positive and negative aspects of sharing one's life online.

4. How do the ways we present ourselves on social media differ from our true selves, and how might that discrepancy be harmful?

5. Describe the kind of deception that Lachlan is capable of.

6. Many people feel there's nothing they wouldn't do for their mothers. Have you ever felt this? How did this novel make you reflect on that idea?

7. There are several "points of no return" in the book. Which did you find to be the most critical?

8. How does the novel's setting impact the plot?

9. What does the title mean to you? Do you believe we all want "pretty things"?

10. Discuss Nina and Vanessa's relationship. How do their perceptions of each other change over time?

11. How did you feel about the novel's alternating voices and perspectives? How would the story be different without them?

Discussion Questions by the Publisher

Book Club Talking Points:
Pretty Things" explores themes of identity, privilege, and the power of social media. Brown examines the notion of authenticity in a world obsessed with image and showcases the often-hollow nature of online personas. The novel prompts readers to question their perceptions of others and the consequences of living a life driven by appearances.
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