It Ends with Us
by Colleen Hoover
Discussion Questions:
1. This is a story of domestic abuse and patterns that start during childhood. Lily, determined not to follow in her mother's footsteps, makes the same mistake and ends up in an abusive relationship. How did you feel about this? Were you frustrated with her, or did you understand and have compassion. Did your viewpoint change throughout the book?

2. Did you learn anything new about domestic abuse? Did the book change how you feel; are you more or less tolerant of violence against women now?

3. Ryle suffered a tragic trauma as a child. Do you think this was justification for his bad behavior towards Lily? He is sorry for what he does, and he's a good person. Does this make you more sympathetic towards him?

4. Why do you think Lily helped Atlas when helping him had tremendous potential to cause trouble with her friends and her parents.

5. Lily was vulnerable when she met Atlas. How did this affect the choices she made regarding him? Did her parents' tumultuous relationship play into this at all?

6. Lily was lucky to have two men love her. Each shaped her life in different ways. First, discuss how each made Lily a better person. Then, discuss the negatives of each relationship.

7. Lily kept mementos from Atlas, so even after she married Ryle, Atlas was still present in her mind. Was it right to marry Ryle when she did?

8. Lily married Ryle knowing he had an anger management problem. Why do you think she ignores the signs, especially since Atlas had also reappeared in her life?

9. Did you like or dislike reading Lily's journal and letters to Ellen DeGeneres?

10. This book covers some sensitive topics. How do you think the author handled these. The story is also personal to the author. Do you think it added anything to the story?

11. When Lily finally breaks the cycle, are you happy for her, or was it bittersweet because of all she lost in the process?

12. How do you feel about Lily's decision? Would you make the same decision? What was the driving force behind her final decision?

13. What do you think the title of the book means?

Book Club Talking Points:
First, this story explores domestic violence profoundly - it may be a trigger for some. But, it's deep with an important message and sheds light on why women stay in abusive relationships. It also touches on childhood trauma, and it's a beautiful love story.
Discussion Questions by PrincetonBookReview
(Feel free to use with attribution)

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