The Island of Sea Women
by Lisa See
PBR Review: (by- Andrea)

Lia See's latest book is a fascinating read about an all-women Korean diving group on the island of Jeju. The women divers are called haenyeo, which means sea women, and they harvest seaweed and shellfish from the ocean's bottom to support their families. These amazing women can dive up to 20 meters below the sea, holding their breath for about 2 minutes, all while fighting rough seas and cold temperatures. I loved reading about this culture where the women were the primary earners, and the men took care of the children. Plus, not only does Lisa See introduce us to this exciting piece of history, but she also tells a great story about two young girls who become divers and struggle to maintain a friendship and the hardships of life as a haenyeo. This book has multiple topics that would make it an excellent Book Club selection and spark a lively discussion.

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