Her Daughter’s Mother
by Daniela Petrova
Discussion Questions:
1. After Tyler leaves Lana, she makes a bold decision about becoming preg-nant. If you were in Lana's shoes, would you have gone through with the embryo transfer after Tyler left? Was Lana wrong to not tell Tyler initially about the pregnancy?

2. The action that starts the chain of events in the novel is Lana following Katya off the subway. Would you have made the same decision Lana makes?

3. Lana and Katya, though quite different, quickly develop an intense friend-ship. What qualities does each bring out in the other?

4. Katya makes choices that both Lana and Josh sometimes find questionable. Did you find Katya to be a sympathetic character? Did your opinion of her change over the course of the novel, and if so, how?

5. What choice should Tyler have made when Katya blackmailed him? Dis-cuss whether you think he did the right thing by leaving Lana.

6. Bulgarian culture, inspired by the author's own background, plays a rich role in Her Daughter's Mother. What flavor does it add to the story?

7. After reading the novel, do you think Lana and Tyler should end up back together? What do you think the future holds for these characters?
(Discussion Questions by Publisher)

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