The Heavens May Fall
by Allen Eskens
Discussion Questions:
1. Do you feel that Max is the primary protagonist (hero) or is Boady? Or is neither one a primary protagonist?

2. If you were Max, how would you handle the choice of whether or not to get involved in his deceased wife's investigation?

3. Do you feel at the time of the cross-examination by Boady of Max that he crossed the line bringing up the personal aspect Jenni's death?

4. During the course of the novel, did you think that Ben Pruitt was guilty or innocent; at what point(s) did you change your opinion?

5. Is the ending satisfying? If so, why? It not, how would you change it? Have you read other works by this author? If so, how does this book compare? If not, does this book inspire you to read others by this author?

6. Did you like the book? If so, what aspects of the book were your favorite?

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Book Club Talking Points:
While the central story is a mystery, the book also explores moral issues. The big one “Let justice be done though the heavens may fall” – appears many times throughout the story. The book studies friendships, loyalties, and ethics. Max is also dealing with the unsolved murder of his wife which brings up issues of sadness, grief, and guilt at not finding the killer
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