Every Summer After
by Carley Fortune
Discussion Questions:
1. Sam and Percy are fast friends. What do you think each gets from their relationship?

2. Have you had an important relationship either platonic or romantic that ended in a way that you wish you could get a do-over?

3. Sam and Percy's romantic relationship began when they were very young. Do you think it would have survived had they not broken up? Did they need the time apart to ultimately end up together?

4. How do you think Charlie feels about Percy in the past and present?

5. What did you think of Delilah and her friendship with Percy? Do you see Delilah as a good friend? What about Percy?

6. How did Percy's betrayal change your opinion of her? Do you sympathize with what she did? Do you think her act is forgivable?

7. As a teenager, Percy looks up to Sue, perhaps even more so than her own parents. Why do you think that is?

8. The story is told from Percy's point of view. What moments do you wish you could have peeked inside Sam's head?

9. In the final chapter, Sam tells Percy, "Betrayals don't cancel each other out. They just hurt more." Do you agree with him? Or do you think "getting even" has merit?

10. The lake is Percy's happy place, where she feels most creative and alive. What's yours?

(Discussion Questions by Publisher)Book Club Chat

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