The Dream Daughter

by Diane Chamberlain
A powerful and moving story about a young widow's journey to try and save the life of her unborn child, who has a serious heart defect and needs fetal surgery. Without intervention, the baby will most likely not survive. But it's the 1970s and the options are few and very risky. The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain.  #fiction, #reading, #books to read, #books

Discussion Questions

1. How does the prologue set the reader up for the rest of the novel? What did it leave you wondering about?

2. How does the dual perspective-Hunter's narration

in 1970 and Carly's narration throughout her experiences-affect your reading experience? What are the primary differences between their voices? What do you like about having both sides of the story?

3. Throughout the novel, Carly and Hunter share a very special bond of trust and understanding. Where do you think that bond comes from? Is it simply because they are family? Do you have a similar bond with your family, either the one you were born with or the one you chose for yourself?

4. In The Dream Daughter, Carly has to take the ultimate leap of faith, both literally and metaphorically. Have you ever had to take a similar leap? What about it scared you? Was it ultimately worth it?

5. When Carly rst travels to 2001, she is baf ed by all of the technology and the changing social norms. Which things that Carly didn't understand do you nd most interesting? Were any of them funny? What do you think you would nd if you traveled thirty years into the future?

6. Throughout the novel, the presence of water plays an important role in Carly's life. She lives close to the ocean in North Carolina, she met her husband at the beach, and she feels much more comfortable stepping off over water whenever she can. What do you think water means to Carly? How does she nd comfort in it, even in New York City?

7. On page 178, Patti says to Hunter, "It would be like you killed her. Maybe you have." Why do you think Patti feels this way about her husband, whom she loves very much? How is Patti processing her grief and fear differently from Hunter? How do you think you would react in a similar situation?
Discussion questions by the publisher
Book Club Talking Points:
This is a story about what a mother will do to save her child and the struggles of knowing the child you are carrying has a severe birth defect. It's a story of faith and determination and the importance of family. It also shows the miraculous advances in medicine.

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