Before We Were Yours
by Lisa Wingate
PBR Review: (by- Linda - June 2017)

Here we have an emotional and compelling story about a black market child trafficking ring. It's inspired by true events, which for me, makes it all the more meaningful. Avery Stafford is a successful federal prosecutor with a bright future unfolding. She returns home to help her father who is battling cancer.

One day, while visiting a nursing home, she meets an elderly woman and knows, that somehow, there is a connection, between this woman and her grandmother. Thus begins her journey to uncover the truth. The book is written from two viewpoints, Avery's, in the present and the other twelve-year-old Rill, set in 1939 Tennessee. Beware, this is a book that will steal your heart and stir up your emotions. Highly Recommend.

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