Atomic Love
by Jennie Fields
Discussion Questions:
Rosalind Porter is an independent, intelligent woman trying to make a difference in a male dominated field. Do you relate to Rosalindís societal struggles? If so, how?

What was your reaction upon learning about Rosalindís upbringing? How do you think this shaped her into the woman she became? How about Louisa?

Who did you empathize with or relate to the most in the novel?

How does World War II affect each character, specifically Rosalind, Weaver, and Szydlo? What similarities can you draw? What differences?

On page 97, Zeke tells Rosalind, ďIím afraid Iíll never love a man as much as I love you.Ē How do you feel about their friendship? Do you have a Zeke in your life? A Rosalind?

How do you feel Rosalind handled the FBI investigation? Is there anything you would have done differently if you were in her position?

Were you surprised by Weaverís confession to Rosalind on their favorite bench? What did you initially think he was going to tell her?

How did you feel about Louisaís confession to Rosalind about why she is unhappy in her marriage? Do you think her feelings are a product of the 1950s, or similarly felt across generations?

Szydlo and Weaver have very different personalities, yet Rosalind feels strongly for each man. What qualities do you think drew Rosalind to them? At the end of the day, do you think she made the right choice between Szydlo and Weaver? Why or why not?

What did you think of Rosalindís decision at the end of the novel?

Book Club Talking Points:

A book of the month selection that will keep the conversation lively. Rosalind, a scientist who worked on the atom bomb, is now haunted by its destructive force. It's also a love story with betrayal, espionage, and deceit weaved in. It also takes place just after the end of the second world war, when female scientists were rare.

(Discussion Questions by Publisher

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