The Arrangement
by Sarah Dunn
Discussion Questions:
1. If you are married, or in a long-term relationship, have you ever thought about an open marriage? Or been tempted? Or maybe even had one? Why or why not?

2. Talk about the reasons Lucy and Owen decide to experiment with an open marriage? How is it supposed to make them stronger?

3. What are the cracks in any long-term relationship that propel people to wander out of bounds, either openly or (more often) secretly? Is the idea of "love" delusional? Must "new" love inevitably yield to "stale" love?

4. Talk about the couple's divergent experiences: Owen finding no real fulfillment, only more irritation; and Lucy falling inconveniently in love. What is it about Ben that makes Lucy fall for him? In what way is Owen also in over his head?

5. What do you think of Izzy. Crazy? Likable? In what way would you say Izzy remains true to her character?

6. What are the joys-or not-of a committed, monogamous relationship?

7. Talk about the rules that Lucy and Owen come up with. Do they make sense to you? If you were to do something similar, what rules would you insist on?

8. What does the book suggest about the differences between men and women?

9. Dunn's secondary characters are wonderfully drawn. Talk about some of them.

10. Numerous reviewers mention the book's humor. What made you laugh?

11. What is your take-away from The Arrangement?

12. If you've read the Autho Bio (above), you'll know that Sarah Dunn has written for television sitcoms. Can you detect notes of sit-com dialogue in The Arrangement?

(Discussion Questions by LitLovers )

Book Club Talking Points:
Aside from the main topic of 'is monogamy best in a marriage', which will be a hot topic, this book also explores the issues of transgender shaming, dealing with an autistic child, and relationships. It also touches on the meaning of love and examines the concept 'is the grass always greener on the other side'?

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