The Alice Network
by Kate Quinn
PBR Review: I have to start by saying this is a great story that brings real events to life and will compel you to learn more about this period in history. As I read, my passion for truth and justice started coming to life; I couldn't believe the bravery I was witnessing. Gritty women are doing incredible work as spies in World War I, fighting fearlessly for a cause they believed in. Wow is all I can say.

The characters in this book are believable but seriously flawed, which was a perfect platform to show not just the suffering caused by war, but also the difficulties women of this period faced. Women were not allowed to voice their opinion and struggled with many things modern women take for granted. There are two storylines in this book, and I enjoyed them both. The plot goes back and forth between a few years during WWI and just after WWII ended. There are some powerful messages and much to learn in this book. Recommend.

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