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We are Linda and Andrea, sisters who share a love of reading. In-Depth book discussions have always been an integral part of our relationship and our family's holiday dinners. At one of these dinners, we were discussing how frustrated we were reading mediocre books touted as great reads. This revelation spurred the creation of what today is called PrincetonBookReview.com.

We chose our name because we decided to start small, only seeking members in Princeton, NJ., but quickly expanded and now provide resources to Book Clubs and Book Lovers worldwide. Our love of books has connected us as a family, and we enjoy sharing our passion with others. This journey has brought us to a happy place and has expanded our world in so many unexpected ways. We hope it will do the same for others as well. As we continue to grow, we hope you will come along for this incredible ride. We are always open to suggestions and praise!

PBR is an online book club dedicated to one purpose: providing purely honest book reviews to book lovers everywhere. We ask the question, what makes a bestseller? A large publishing house advertising and promoting a book or reader-generated buzz on a book? PBR opens the forum to provide the most honest opinions and reviews possible. We hope to spark great discussions and to satisfy your appetite for great books. Enjoy!
Frequently Asked Questions

What is PrincetonBookReview.com? We are an online Book Club designed to make finding great books easier while enjoying the camaraderie of other book lovers. We love books and want to create a community where members can find page turners and enjoy discussing them with other members any time of the day or night. Sometimes youíre just too busy to make a monthly meeting, or maybe you want to do both. Regardless PrincetonBookReview.com offers something for everyone. We have no allegiance to any publisher, author or bookstore, just a thirst to find the next great read.

Can you contribute? Absolutely! We encourage it. Itís one big book club. We all help each other. Add a new book you just finished or an old favorite someone else might enjoy. Share your opinion with others in our Book Talk section. The more our members contribute, the better our resource. We want to hear from you and so do other members. Donít be shy.

What is Book Reviews? It's a section which features all PBR Book Reviews. If you want to chat about the book, check out our Book talk section.

What is Book Talk? It's our version of the virtual living room. So letís talk books. Grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and enjoy interacting with other book lovers. This section is where you go to share. You can be the critic by posting your comments and recommendations or you can see what others are saying. Browse our Book List for more great reading suggestions.

What is My Library? It's a place for PBR members to store and organize all their favorite books. There is space for title, author, rating and any other comments you may have about the book. What's exciting, is you can quickly email a book suggestion to a freind. Not a member? Become A Member Here

What about privacy? We will never share, sell or rent individual personal information with anyone. We use appropriate security measures to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of data used by our system.

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