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Braving the Wilderness
by Brene Brown

Book Review by - Andrea
This is my first Brene Brown book, but after listening to this on audio, I will be downloading more! When a book makes me reevaluate and contemplate my behavior and thoughts or when I can't stop thinking about it, I need to share the love! Braving the Wilderness is an excellent and timely book. In today's landscape, we are bombarded with mixed messages, and it can be hard to sift through them all, but the words sent by Brown are clear and decisive.

Sometimes it hard to remember that everyone struggles with something and no one's life is perfect even though it may appear that way. Braving the Wilderness reminds us to be true to ourselves, to be brave even if you have to stand alone with your beliefs. My favorite takeaway is when Brown tells us to "Stop looking for reasons you don't fit in." It reminded me of the advice my grandmother would tell me "If you look for trouble, you'll find it." Wise words.

Brown gives us all a reminder to stay true to ourselves and listen to our inner voice. I'm looking forward to reading more by this author, and it would make an excellent Book Club choice.Back.

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