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We Were the Lucky Ones
by Georgia Hunter

Book Review by - Andrea
I listened to this book on audio.

After listening to this book on audio, I had to dig for more information on this fascinating story based on the author's family history. At 15 years old Georgia Hunter discovers she comes from a family of holocaust survivors, she researches their journey and writes this mesmerizing book about family love, resilience and determination.
It's a debut novel, and it's terrific.

Historical fiction is undoubtedly one of my go-to genres when looking for a good book, and books about the holocaust are on the top of the list. This book surpassed my expectations.

It was beautifully written, has inspiring characters and draws you in emotionally. I was totally invested in the Kurc's family struggle to survive this harrowing time in history. Visit the author's website for more information on her family history where she provides a family tree and photos of the characters. This book would make an excellent Book Club choice.Back.

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