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I Eliza Hamilton
by Susan Holloway Scott

Book Review by - Linda
I loved this book for several reasons. To start with, Eliza Hamilton was a strong woman, and strong, inspirational women get me every time. I also love reading about the role women played in different eras and the contentment they felt for their place in life. I donít always sense that same contentment in todayís women, and I like to puzzle the why of it. Iíve also been immensely interested in Alexander Hamilton ever since I went to see the musical HAMILTON on Broadway, which was one of the most riveting plays Iíve seen.

This story revolves around Eliza, but in doing so, Scott gives the reader some astounding historical details of our Founding Fathers and the trials of how our country came to be, with a strong focus on Alexander, who was a committed, principled man. Wouldn't I just love to bear witness to what a man like Alexander Hamilton could do for today's divided country? I couldn't help but make comparisons to our current leadership. But most compelling was the marriage and love between Eliza and Alexander. From the start itís obvious, they were destined to be together. Recommend.Back.

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