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The Paris Secret
by Karen Swan

Book Review by - Linda
I picked up this book because I love everything Paris. I was also intrigued because I can remember reading about an abandoned Paris apartment, filled with artwork, being discovered a few years back. In this story Flora is an art dealer and auctioneer, who is called into play for just this reason. A wealthy family has suddenly been advised of an apartment that has been locked up for 73 years and kept secret from them.

Flora is hired to catalogue and establish provenance for the many pieces of art and artifacts found in this abandoned apartment. She is passionate about art and her job and as she delves deeper ,she uncovers some serious family secrets. So this tale ends up being a nice mix of history and mystery. There’s also just the right amount of romance. This is a great book for a lazy Sunday afternoon and will also appeal to art enthusiasts and historical fiction buffs. Personally, I loved learning about the complicated process of researching and verifying artwork.Back.

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