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Good Me Bad Me
by Ali Land

Book Review by - Linda
A story that is disturbing and unsettling, one you wonít want to put down. Itís a thriller thatís complex, multi layered and twisty. Milly is fifteen, the daughter of a serial killer and the main character. She suffered physical, sexual and emotional abuse by her mother and finally decides to turn her mother into the police.

Afterwards, Milly is haunted, constantly hearing her motherís voice urging her to do bad things and she worries that she has inherited the killer gene. A foster family takes her in and as a reader, you know she is deeply scarred but you want her to be accepted. But there is tension and suspense as Milly struggles to fit in at her new school and get along with members of her new family. Ali Land gets you right into the head of the very damaged Milly and will keep you guessing whatís going to happen next.Back.

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