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Best Day Ever
by Kaira Rouda

Book Review by - Linda
I liked this book a lot. Right away I could feel the tension building. For starters, Paul seems to have the idyllic life and marriage a great job, two delightful sons, a beautiful wife, a home in the most desirable suburb and a lake-side vacation retreat. His inner thoughts, however, suggest something is not right you can sense that he is a master of manipulation and suffers from some sort of personality disorder like narcissism.

The story takes place over the course of about a day - but in this short span, your head will spin from the twists and turns. You know its going to be the best day ever the phrase is repeated a lot- but best day ever for who? The author does an excellent job of keeping you guessing. Is it going to be Paul or his wife, Mia? Recommend.Back.

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