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The Midwifes Revolt
by Jodi Daynard

Book Review by - Andrea
The Midwife's Revolt is the first book in The Midwife Series by Jodi Daynard about the revolutionary war. As a historical fiction lover, I enjoyed reading about the women who took up arms for the cause. If you enjoy books with strong women, you'll fall in love with the character Lizzie Boylston, who loses her husband in the battle of bunker hill, yet forges on to become a significant player in the fight against the British.

Familiar names such as John and Abigail Adams and George Washington are scattered throughout the book, which certainly jogged my memory of our nation's history. Despite the submissive role women were expected to play in society and the limitations imposed on them, Lizzy and her comrades fought back. The story is rich in history and filled influential and active women, yet it's light and easy read. I listened to this on audio and look forward to finishing the series.Back.

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