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The Girl Before
by J.D. Delaney

Book Review by - Linda
This book is intriguing right from the start. Mainly because of this curious house at One Folgate Street, which plays a big role in the story. I thought it took a huge imagination to conceptualize this house and found everything about it fascinating right to the end. I was rather reminded of the “Big Brother is Watching” concept. The house and to a great extent it’s occupants, were totally controlled by a computer program referred to as Housekeeper. Housekeeper knew everything about you but not in a creepy way, at least at first. Housekeeper made sure you followed the hundreds of rules that went along with the house.

The story follows two girls who lived in this house at different times; Emma in the past and Jane in the present. They have one thing in common, the architect and owner of the house, Edward. Edward is successful, controlling and dominating. Is he the dominant, sexually deviant, and erotic Christian Grey, as has been suggested? Not even close – you have to read 50 shades of Grey for that. But, the book is great just the same. I liked the characters and trying to figure out the mystery, which kept me guessing. And there are a few surprises; I love it when I get caught off guard. Ron Howard has bought up the film rights, so you may want to read this one before it hits the big screen – books are usually better than the movie. Recommend.Back.

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