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While The City Slept
by Eli Sanders

Book Review by - Linda
A true crime story that took place in July, 2009 in a suburb of Seattle. Eli Sanders won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on this murder and exposing a flawed mental health system in Washington State. Itís not hard to make the leap that this is a colossal problem in our country; one that has been ignored and underfunded with dire consequences. The book tells of a violent rape and assault on two women, one woman did not survive. The crime was committed by Isiah Kalebu, a mentally ill person who slipped though the system despite attempts by his family to get help for him. The book is well written and researched and although not a riveting read, itís still a book thatís hard to put down. It stirs up a lot of anger about a system that clearly does not work. Sanders gives us the backstory of the two victims and the murderer. Itís all the sadder knowing that Jennifer Hopper and Teresa Butz were real people who loved each other, had friends and family and full engaging lives before the attack and that this may have been prevented if Isaiahís problems had been addressed. This is a good book for anyone who enjoys true crime stories; or has an interest in the failing mental health or criminal justice systems.Back.

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