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The Widow
by Fiona Barton

Book Review by - linda
Its about a child gone missing and is told in alternating viewpoints; Jean, the Widow, who is also the wife of the prime suspect, the detective on the case, the mother of the missing child and a reporter in relentless pursuit of the big story. Each character is well developed and adds a unique perspective to the overall plot. Two characters really stood out for me; Jean who has a voice that is real and touching, one that will keep you reading just to find out what happens to her. She is in the middle of a high profile crime, her husband is accused of kidnapping the missing child and the press is unrelenting. My other favorite is Kate, the reporter, she highlights how the media plays into situations like this and will make you think twice about how they operate. Two caveats; the topic is tough, it deals with child pornography and the comparison to THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN or GONE GIRL is a bit misleading. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the book for what it was; a well written spenseful mystery. And I should mention this is a debut novel for Fiona Barton nicely done!Back.

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