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The Woman In Cabin 10
by Ruth Ware

Book Review by - Linda
The Woman in Cabin 10 is a classic whodunit tale, a good one with excellent tension and suspense and itís also nicely paced. Itís a psychological thriller, which takes place on a small luxury boatís maiden voyage, and onboard are journalists and wealthy investors. Lo Blacklock , a travel writer, was thrilled when she landed this assignment, excited and looking forward to luxurious spa treatments, gourmet meals, pampering and the chance to mingle with some very influential people. She never thought that this dream opportunity would turn sinister, but the mysterious woman in the next cabin, cabin 10, changes this. As the story progresses, Lo is relentless in pursuing this mystery woman and faces off with her own demons and other evils aboard the boat. Although the ending is a bit flat, overall I really enjoyed this book and was hard pressed a few times to put it down.Back.

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