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The Dark Monk
by Oliver Potzsch

Book Review by - linda
A good who done it mystery that delves into the history of the Knights Templar. Itís set in 17th century Germany and includes great descriptions of churches, religious relics, customs, medical practices of the time and simple day to day struggles; traveling to a near by town for supplies for example, can be difficult and dangerous. The characters are strong and captivate right from the start. I love fiery women, so Magdalenaís willful passionate personality appealed to me but I also loved Jakob, the empathetic hangman. Itís characters like these, that are easy to relate to and very real, that add immensely to the reading enjoyment. Reading about the religious practices and itís member always amazes me too, as they are not exactly pillars of society, but rather like the modern day politician with an end justifies the means mentality. Itís also interesting to note that the author is a descendant of a executioner and bases is characters on real people.Back.

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