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The Lock Artist
by Steve Hamilton

Book Review by - linda
“The Lock Artist” is one of the more original mysteries I’ve read recently. I quickly found myself totally immersed in Michael’s life. He may be a criminal, but he is very easy to sympathize with - which I believe is largely due to his strong inner conscience. He sometimes ignores this voice in his head, but it’s a trait that makes him very human and a bad guy that you want to root for. There are actually two mysteries converging in this novel - Michael’s fascinating back-story showing how his present situation evolved and how his current predicament plays out. This psychological tug of war trumps the actual crimes taking place in the story. There is also a touching thread as Michael falls in love and attempts to communicate with his girlfriend. They are both artistic and since he is mute, their love notes take the form of a graphic comic book, very original and engaging. In short – a great mystery that will appeal to anyone who enjoys complex characters and crime fiction and a good storyBack.

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