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Bruno Chief of Police
by Martin Walker

Book Review by - linda
This book is so much more than a mystery; itís more like a visit to a quaint French village where you meet the shopkeepers and townspeople. Life is unhurried and the days are passed in a leisurely manner conversing about food, cheese, wine and life. The main character Bruno after serving in Bosnia moves to this French village to be their Chief of Police. Bruno is a fantastic character and itís a joy to get to know him. Heís on the quiet side and likes to cook, but takes his job very seriously and is very good at it. There are also a variety of interesting local people who add more layers of charm to the story. Itís beautifully written with a story line that flows and descriptions that pull the reader right into the French countryside. If you are looking for a mystery or even a good puzzle to solve, this may not be the book for you. Although there is a murder, this is not the focus of the book. Itís really a delightful character driven novel for those that like to spend time with the people they meet in a book and enjoy reading about small town happenings and life.Back.

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