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Bad Intentions
by Karin Fossum

Book Review by - linda
What happens when life long friends share an evil secret? In this book Karin Fossum explores this, the psychological consequences of covering up a crime and also gives us great insight into what motivates people. Karin Fossum is an author with a clean writing style that never allows her descriptions to get in the way of the story but rather uses wonderful banter, dialog and interactions between characters to convey their inner most thoughts and keep the plot moving. In this story Fossum layers in many moral and ethical subtleties for the reader to think about and throws in plot twists to keep things fresh. The main characters are memorable. Inspector Sejer is charming; a pensive soul who relies on his intuition to know when something is amiss and is driven to make things right for the victims of a crime. The three young friends, Jon, Alex and Phillip have distinctly different personalities and also varying levels of tolerance for dealing with guilt. This of course creates tension and unrest between them as the story unfolds.Back.

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