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New York To Dallas
by J. D. Robb

Book Review by - linda
Although I am fairly new to this series, I didnít feel lost. JD. Robb gives enough background information to fill in the gaps. This is a great read, very credible and with a lot going on. There is action and police procedurals but there is also insight into the characters. I loved the relationship between Eve and Roarke; there is so much love and support and understanding - itís a relationship to be envied. In this installment, Eve is chasing a violent pedophile, so things get both tense and complicated. In an effort to challenge Eve, this deviant has taken a hostage and moved the playing field to Dallas TX. Eve is not only out of her element in Dallas, but this city is also a part of her past Ė a painful part that she would like forget. For the reader however, the setting provides a catalyst for a deeper understanding of Eve and Roarke, and shows their vulnerable side but also there unique love for each other.Back.

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