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Major Pettigrew's Last Stand
by Helen Simonson

Book Review by - linda
This is not your usual love story, but rather one which beautifully meshes the idiosyncrasies of a proper English gentleman with the caustic feelings inherently surrounding social change and racial differences. The setting is the English country side and the gently moving plot examines in an ever so civil and understated manner some touchy topics and situations while shining a light on the true diversity of the human spirit. The characters in this book are diverse. Major Pettigrew deeply believes in honor and tradition and enjoys a spot of tea and reading Kipling. His son is a self-absorbed, shallow social climber, his love interest is a quite Pakistani shopkeeper. This combined with his country club set of friends is the perfect environment to showcase quirky British tongue and cheek humor and test the waters on cultural, family and class clashes. My only criticism is that the descriptions, although delightful are excessive at times, detracting from the story and slowing things down. In summary, a touching nicely written story that fans of Jacqueline Winspear or Charles Finch will enjoy.Back.

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