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City of Veils
by Zoe Ferraris

Book Review by - linda
A dramatic setting and an excellent well-crafted puzzle mystery mesh together beautifully in this sequel to “Finding Neuf”. I have a hard time deciding which factor pulled me in more, the mystery or reading about the Saudi culture. Again, Zoe Ferraris gives us some startling and enlightening details on a culture that although progressing, is still as repressive and stifling towards women as the burqas they wear. The characters the author chooses, allow for exploration of many cross cultural elements and capture the opposing forces and clashes of an evolving society. The voices alternate between Miriam and her husband who are ex-pats, Katya, a forward thinking single Muslim woman, Navir, devout, attracted to Katya and conflicted and Osama, married and less old fashioned. There is also a really compelling mystery with pacing and twists that keep you turning pages. I recommend this book for those who enjoy a good mystery, or enjoy reading about foreign cultures and women’s issues. Although this book can be read as a standalone novel, it is probably best to read “Finding Neuf” first.Back.

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