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Still Missing
by Chevy Stevens

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What continues to come to mind about this book is the extraordinary pacing; it does not allow you to stop reading. Just as you sense a good breaking point is near, the author throws in a twist, surprise or revelation that makes you want to know more. The focus of the story is Annie, average young women who is abducted and held captive. The story is told through her voice as she talks to her psychiatrist. There are two threads that eventually converge. Though flashbacks, Annie reveals the events and circumstances of her abduction, the other thread shows the present day and the emotional scars she carries. Her survival is not a secret. What defines this book is her story; its haunting, emotional and artfully crafted. This is an excellent choice for a book club that enjoys mysteries or anyone who likes a story with emotional pull. The descriptions of rape and sexual perversion in this book are graphic, not for the faint of heart or young reader. Wonderful debut novel.Back.

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