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Storm Chasers
by Jenna Blum

Book Review by - linda
(3.5 stars) Bipolar disorder is nasty and this book provides amazing insight into the toll it takes on its victims. Jenna Blum provides a deep understanding of the erratic, illogical behavior associated with this condition. From the cover, you expect the story to be about storm chasing, and this does play a part, but more prominent is the story of twins and the special bond and feelings of responsibility that are part of being one. Itís a touching story of one twinís desperate search for her brother, who is bi-polar. Ms Blumís descriptions are vivid and intense, allowing the reader to experience the guilt felt by Karena and the turmoil felt by her brother Charles. Her descriptions of the tornados and the colorful cast of storm chasers are just as vivid and complex. She also provides great technical information about how tornados develop and progress, fascinating to read about. My main complaint with the book was the detachment I felt for the characters, I prefer passionate entanglement. In summary, Jenna Blumís first novel ďThose Who Save UsĒ was excellent, with wonderful insight into human nature. My expectations for this book were high and ultimately I must admit I was disappointed. Itís an interesting read but not exceptional. I recommend for those who are interested in Bipolar disorder or have infinity for storm chasing.Back.

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