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I'd Know You Anywhere
by Laura Lippman

Book Review by - linda
(3.5 stars) Id Know You Anywhere is intellectually gripping. The story opens with a suburban mom experiencing and enjoying life with her two children and husband. Its not long however before the reader gets a glimpse of her past and the trauma she survived; a serial killer and rapist kidnapped her at the age of 15. This is not a who done it crime story but rather a psychological thriller that explores the complexities of survivor guilt and psychological manipulation. Eliza, the victim and her kidnapper Walter, primarily narrate this story. It moves back and forth between present day and the past when she was being held captive, allowing many opportunities to explore the issues of survivor guilt, victim rights and the death penalty. The supporting characters include a mother whose daughter was abducted, raped and killed and a death row advocate. This enables Lippman to present well-rounded arguments from several different angles. Even though Walter was a deranged psychopath, he was fascinating to read about. The author also spends quite a lot of energy developing strong family relationships in this book, for me these sections seemed out of proportion and slowed things down. Without revealing too much, I also could not get my head around some of the actions of Eliza, but perhaps this was intentional on the part of the author, it stirred my emotions and made me think. Its interesting to note that the inspiration for this novel was a true crime. I recommend this book to those who like books with strong family dynamics and psychological suspenseBack.

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