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Pray For Silence
by Linda Castillo

Book Review by - linda
There is a lot that makes this a great read and also one that stands apart form the crowd. For starters, I love that it takes place in the Amish community. Linda Castillo provides wonderful detail on this closed society’s lifestyle and with a clear concise writing style makes everything feels authentic. She pulls you in immediately and moves the plot along at a nice pace as she creates suspense and provides additional background information on the cast of characters. I did find the relationship between Kate and John Tomasetti a bit tedious, it seems to stall and not add anything substantial to the storyline. Overall, this is a excellent sequel and the start of an incredible mystery series with great writing, believable characters, a fast moving plot and a puzzle to solve. The squeamish should take note that Ms. Castillo does a stellar job of graphically describing the grisly murder scenes. I recommend this book to anyone who likes the mystery/thriller genre and a must read for fans of Sworn to Silence, which although not completely necessary, should be read first.Back.

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