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The Unit
by Ninni Holmqvist

Book Review by - linda
A fascinating but totally disturbing novel. The setting is the near future where certain people are designated by society as no longer useful and are essentially used as organ donors. It’s told though the voice of a Dorrit, a “dispensable” living in one of the government units designed for these people. It tackles the age old questions of what determines a person’s worth and what are society‘s obligations to its members. It’s eerie to think a society could condone such a harsh philosophy. It’s also an interesting study in human behavior and the effects of not being valued; the “dispensable” are accepting and embrace their new life. The characters in this book are well developed, easy to become emotionally involved with, and the driving force of the novel. The pace is even and although suspenseful, it’s psychological suspense rather adrenaline pumping. It lags a little at times but overall a good read. Great for those who enjoy dystopian literature or sci-fi but also excellent for anyone who likes thought provoking topics.Back.

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