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The Crossing Places
by Elly Griffiths

Book Review by - linda
If you’re scouting for a new mystery series, don’t miss this one. A fantastic debut with a well executed plot and likeable characters. The lead character is a not so perfect female archeologist who is pulled into a murder investigation. She is overweight, almost forty, unmarried and a mix of feisty, charming and akward. Although her character could nicely carry the book, she has help in the form of Harry Nelson, another well defined very human character. Together they make mistakes, unlock the mysticism of the Iron Age in archeology and solve a mystery. The setting is North Norfolk on the English coast and also deserves special mention as it serves as an eerie and menacing backdrop. Griffith does an amazing job with her descriptions. She creates the atmosphere without bogging the plot down with unnecessary detail. In short, the book has suspense, a good puzzle, endearing characters and would have appeal to fans of Sue Grafton and mystery lovers everywhere. Well done Ms. Griffith.Back.

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