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by Danielle Trussoni

Book Review by - linda
The concept of this book is original and very imaginative. Itís a struggle between the evil ďfallen angelsĒ and the secret society of Angelologists trying to thwart their progress. Trussoniís descriptive powers are amazing as she draws these beautiful, alluring creatures that are wicked, cruel, powerful and living secretly on earth. I found myself looking forward to reading about these exotic villains, wishing they were not evil. Read only a few pages and its clear extensive research preceded the writing of this book. The author brilliantly blends mythology and biblical teaching and effortlessly moves between ancient past and present day. The plot is complex and layered with intriguing characters and interesting pieces of history and religion. Danielle Trussoni is also adept at dropping clues and creating a puzzle to solve as she treats you to epic battles and a great treasure hunt. Although I enjoyed this book, I donít think itís for everyone. Thereís information overload and occasionally at inappropriate times. I love detail and think it adds depth and interest to a story, but not when it interferes with the flow of the book. I recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about mythology and angels or the patient reader who doesnít mind sifting through a lot of detail for the story. Itís a fascinating and well researched book but one that requires focus when reading.Back.

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