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Olive Kitteridge
by Elizabeth Strout

Book Review by - linda
First let me point out that this book won the Pulitzer, the writing is exceptional. The characters are completely believable and life like. Having lived in Maine for a few years I can honestly say Strout captures the essence of New England both in her descriptions of the small town of Crosby and the personalities of the characters. This book is rich in the complexities of human nature and layered with interesting perceptions on how everyday relationships work. It takes the form of a series of short stories and Olive, the main character, plays a role in each story. Sometime she is intimately connected to the person in the story at others times only her presence is felt. At times she is lovable and at times she is loathsome. The stories are honest and diverse, dealing with the frailties of being human as well as love and acceptance; some I enjoyed more than others. For me the main weakness of the book was when I came to the end, none of the characters really stayed with me and overall the themes were a little dark. In short, the stories are full of beautiful moments and engaging characters. I recommend it for those who value a sophisticated beautiful writing style and don’t mind a short story format.Back.

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