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The Time Travers Wife
by Audrey Niffenegger

Book Review by - linda
This is a book with the ability to nurture the mind and the soul. The concept of the novel is ingenious and very original. Time travel is fascinating to read about and a clever method for filling in the background of characters. Niffenegger also uses time travel to create tension and suspense as she slowly and in piecemeal fashion reveals events of the future in stages. I love how, through time travel to the past, even after certain events are fully revealed, tension remains and continues to build until it occurs in the present. This is also a book that challenges the reader to look at more significant and consequential issues in life. Aside from the obvious one about enduring love, it provokes thought on the choices we make in life and causes the reader to wonder about the relationship between past and present. It also brings to mind the question of destiny, do events shape it or is ones destiny pre determined? As the book cover suggests, this is a love story. Its replete with passion, longing, heartache, joy and pain; but with a unique twist and a fresh approach. There is also great character development so as the story unfolds, you become involved in these wonderful character's lives and your attachment to them deepens. A few things did bother me. The beginning of the book, although interesting, did not pull me in, I persevered because of the rave reviews. I also found some of the back and forth between ages and time periods was initially a little confusing and took getting used to. In short, a great book and a remarkable love story.Back.

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