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The Beekeepers Apprentice
by Laurie R king

Book Review by - linda
First off, this is a fun book to read, especially if you like Sherlock Holmes. Itís filled with amusing, clever dialog and playful interaction between the characters. King anoints each with a distinct, endearing voice and a pleasing affable personality. I loved the gradual awaking within Sherlock Holmes as he slowly and with resistance realizes he has met his match in Mary Russell. Their relationship and the way it develops from mentor to partner and dear friend is the heart of the book. King beautifully maps Mary Russellís journey from brilliant but gangly teenager to a bold and confident young woman that first strives for, and then earns the respect of Holmes. As you follow these two on their adventures, there is plenty of intrigue and suspense as they solve cases together. There is also an interesting thread running through the story line that contrasts the art of being a woman in the 20th century with that of being a women in 19th century, a nice extra to an already great read.Back.

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