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Wolf hall
by Hilary Mantel

Book Review by - linda
This novel is large in size and scope. Itís also a complex book with a colossal number of characters. Perhaps because I am American and unfamiliar with English history, I found it necessary, especially with the first half of the book, to refer to the cast of Characters listed in the front of the book to keep things straight. Mantle presents in much detail, some very important historical events in British History. Her writing style is nothing short of exquisite, teeming with detail and witty observations of the period. These events are well researched and Mantelís inimitable but very readable style brings this colorful era, of England on the threshold of change, to life. I knew very little about Thomas Cromwell and enjoyed delving into his fascinating life and learning about him. Most books dealing with these evens focus on the Queens, this perspective was different and refreshing. There is also plenty about the passions of King Henry VIIIís and the infamous Ann Boylan as well as the politics and power struggles of the era where a mistake could mean death; again all well researched, well written and captivating to read. I liked that events and incidences were presented many times through conversations, creating a more casual, familiar feel, which perfectly balanced the poetic more formal writing style of this author. In summary, this is not a book for everyone and requires a commitment. Itís a slow read due in part to the level of detail presented and in part to the dense, prosaic writing style of the author. I recommend this book to anyone who craves knowledge on this era of Reformation in English history or loves reading about the history of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. It would also have great appeal to the historical fiction aficionado and the sophisticated reader who appreciates a unique, intellectual read. Although the book takes effort, it is well worth it.Back.

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