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Belong To Me
by Marisa de los Santos

Book Review by - linda
(3.5 stars) This is my first experience with this author so the deciding factor in buying this book was the wonderful cover. It says family and friendships, a sense of belonging. As I started to read, this author’s exquisite writing style drew me in immediately; prosaic but also conveying a sense of visiting with these people rather then reading about them. The interaction between the characters and their genuineness is the strength of this book. Each chapter is devoted to one character relating his or her story, allowing you to gradually get to know this person. The author also gives each one a very unique, relatable voice, which I love. One problem I had was that a good portion of the story line revolves around daily life; it’s predictable and tends to drag in spots. Although reading about the characters lives was entertaining, I never became emotionally invested. I should mention, I did not read the prequel “Love Walked In”; perhaps this would have made a difference. This book would have appeal to those who love storylines about marriage, family and friendships and appreciate beautiful writing.Back.

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