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Out Stealing Horses
by Per Petterson

Book Review by - linda
Intense and simple are the first things that come to mind when I think about this book. The word simple because the writing style, although clear and beautiful, is sparse. It works well with the relaxing pace of the book and matches the personality of protagonist as he takes refuge in his self imposed solitary life, after the death of his wife. The author beautifully conveys and immerses you in this widowerís life, living in a cabin, in a remote corner of Norway. I use the word intense because you feel Trondís deep emotions as he embraces the harshness and emptiness of the region, mourns his wife, contemplates his life past and present, and finally accepts it. The core of the novel is the character development and the relationship Trond has with himself; some of his meditative thoughts and comments to himself are profound. The author also really hits the mark describing Trondís interactions with his son; itís very real and touching. The plot, although subtle, is enough to support the book, keep you turning pages and hook you in emotionally.Back.

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