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The September Society
by Charles Finch

Book Review by - linda
This is a charming totally delightful read, a perfect cozy mystery. Finch transports you right into middle of England’s Victorian era and the life of the protagonist, Charles Lenox. And he does it all with good writing and excellent plotting. Lenox is so real, so human and appealing that you miss him when another character takes center stage. I also love the perfect way the characters interacted with each other, making you feel as if you are there in the room with them as they chat and dine. The mystery Finch draws you into is slow in pace, but also great, with lots of surprising twists to hold your interest and keep you guessing. He gives you some interesting details on the day to day life of the period and the English way of dealing with emotions. However, what makes this novel stand out from the crowd is the endearing, very proper Lenox, a true English Gentleman. If you like feeling an attachment to the characters in your books, and enjoy a good old fashioned mystery, give this one a try. As a side, this is the second in the Charles Lenox series. Finch was nominated for an Agatha Award for the debut book in this series, “A Beautiful Blue Death”.Back.

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