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Arctic Chill
by Arnaldur Indridason

Book Review by - linda
(3.5 stars) Although this is not a thriller as billed, it is a thoroughly enjoyable “who done it” mystery with quite the engaging protagonist. The story moves along at a nice pace, building intrigue and adding names to the list of murder suspects. The main plot revolves around a murder, but there is also has a second investigative thread, which never takes center stage, but adds complexity to the story line and also to the main character, Erlendur, as he contemplates the issues involved. One aspect I liked in particular was the controversial social issues touched upon in this book, that of immigration, racism, poverty, and single motherhood. They were beautifully and seamlessly woven in to the plot and thought provoking. A problem I had with the book was with the dialog and narrative, which was repetitive at times. There were also numerous poorly constructed sentences, which made no sense. Perhaps this kind of mistake will be edited out of future editions. I did not read the first book in this series and that may be why I struggled a bit in the beginning; I had a hard time getting comfortable with the characters. Overall, an easy entertaining mystery with good procedural work and great detail on Icelandic culture. Perfect for a nice fireside read.Back.

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