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The Condition
by Jennifer Haigh

Book Review by - linda
(really a 3.5) I love Woody Allan and this novel read like one of his movies, the camera kept rolling as you observed the characters in action and thought. Jennifer Haigh’s characters were genuine; her descriptions so real she pulled you into their lives and her writing style clean and a pleasure to read. I thought the book's main focus was going to be centered on Turner’s syndrome, a medical condition that prevents normal growth development, the havoc it wreaks on the person inflicted with the disease and the toll it takes on family and friends. Not so, instead each family member suffered from his or her own dysfunctional “condition”. The method Haigh used to develop her characters and storyline was to make each chapter the focus of one family member providing details of this person’s past and present. However, there did not seem to be any cohesiveness between the chapters and although interesting and at times very absorbing, it read like a collection of short stories. I also felt a little bogged down in detail periodically, some of which seemed irrelevant and unnecessary. Ultimately, I did enjoy this book, especially from about the mid point on and although I enjoy character driven novels, I would have preferred just a little more plot.Back.

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